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Welcome to Brickmort

Welcome to the investment company that specialises in the development and management of residential and commercial properties nationwide.

Brickmort offers a competitive investment service for our clients; we source and acquire properties in prime locations that produce good solid returns.


Les dimensions de la maison

New property

We are always looking for additional properties to meet our tenants’ and investors’ needs. We are happy to review any potential development opportunities, including acquiring distressed properties, properties which are subject to a repossession, or even a sale that has fallen through, preventing an owner from moving and breaking the sale/purchase chain.

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Block of flats


Due to poor returns savers are achieving at the moment with the banks, we work with investors to invest in properties. These are currently showing returns of up to 12%.

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Moderne Stadtwohnung

Residential Property Rental

Working with a number of local authorities (LA) and housing associations (HA) to house tenants, we buy, manage and let to local authorities and housing associations to house tenants; anything from temporary accommodation to 25 year leases.

We can fully manage the property or let only, allowing the local authorities or housing associations to manage and maintain the properties to suit their tenants’ needs.

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In House Services

We have been in the business for many years and have built up our own in-house architects, solicitors, planners, contractors and a full property management service to meet your needs.